• We are an international group of artists who, at utmost urgency, demand a permanent ceasefire and an end to the ongoing genocide of Palestinian people. This is a grave situation; after over 100 days carrying into the new year, the death toll rises more and more every day. Nearly 1 in 100 Palestinians have been killed*, leaving even more displaced and disabled with no access to food, water, fuel, electricity, or medicine due to the Israeli blockade. UNICEF Spokesperson James Elder has described Gaza as a “graveyard of children.” Yet, Western governments continue to increase military funding for Israel, even as Israel’s defense minister justifies the slaughter, calling Palestinians “human animals” and ordering collective punishment upon a civilian population.

    As artists, especially artists of these Western nations, we reject the actions of our governments and those of the milquetoast international community. As artists, many of whose practices are rooted in dispelling injustice and addressing world issues, it is imperative to call for an end to the war that has murdered countless fellow artists, poets, writers, journalists, and other creatives. We ally ourselves in the global movement for a ceasefire and Palestinian liberation and the acknowledgment that the history of Palestinian subjugation is upheld by occupation and U.S. military funding. We, furthermore, object to the argument of conflating the call for a ceasefire to be a baseless accusation of antisemitism.

    Hope in the Art World is an effort born out of that will and need for a community. We will say it with our chest, with our art... “Free Palestine!”

    *Editor’s Note: The above Statement of Solidarity was penned in February 2024. As of March 2024, the death toll continues to increase, leaving this statistic inaccurate to how devasting the scope of destruction truly is. 32,552 Palestinians have been killed, a rise from the January statistic of 23,843. This death is brought upon by Israeli military’s direct warfare, but also through a state-backed ban on crucial aid and food to Gaza, provided by organizations like UNRWA. According to UN Secretary General António Guterres, “Palestinians in Gaza are enduring horrifying levels of hunger and suffering,” calling it “a man-made disaster.”